Q 1: Can I register as a team or as an individual?

The participant can choose which team members to partner with or apply as an individual.

Q 2: How can I apply to the hackathon?

By filling the Registration Form

Q 3: How will I be notified of the result of evaluation?

Evaluation result will be sent through Email to all applicants after the initial sorting process has been completed. Candidates will be contacted by phone for admission.

Q 4: What programming languages can be used?

Recommended programming languages are: Python, C#, Java

Q 5: Will there be consultants during the hackathon period?

Yes, there will be consultants to help you and answer all your questions and inquiries.

Q 6: Am I required as a participant to submit a prototype of my idea?

In case that your participation is an idea of a device or an equipment, you must submit an initial presentation supporting your idea, and it is preferable to present it if it is ready.

Q 7: What are the criteria for selecting the winning team?

The criteria are listed on the Challenge platform at this link

Q 8: If my project wins, will the Civil Defense cover the costs of production?

After the Challenge ends, the role of Civil Defense with the participant will end, but we will try to help you to overcome the obstacles when you communicate  with the related agencies.

Q 9: What will happen if I do not attend or decide to withdraw?

There is no issue if you decide to withdraw due to an emergency and reasons out of your control, but kindly inform us to give the opportunity to another participant.

Q 10: Are there travel tickets and housing?

There are no travel tickets or accommodation for those accepted in the Hackathon.

Q 11: Is there a certificate of participation?

Yes, there is a certificate of participation for those accepted and attended all the Hackathon activities.

Q 12: Is there a registration fees for the Hackathon?

No, there are no fees.

Q 13: I have more than one idea for the different hackathon areas, can I sign up for all of them?

No, only one idea is allowed for each team or individual.

Q 14: What is the duration of the Hackathon?

The duration of the challenge is as announced in the timeline on the Hackathon homepage.

Q 15: What are the tools that will be used for remote communication during the Hackathon?

• In case of acceptance or rejection, a notification will be sent through E-mail.
• Webex platform to allow the participants to communicate with each other to form teams, in addition to the ability to communicate  with the consultants in the case of any issues or inquiries.
• Hackathon website, to deliver the projects.

Q 16: Will the winning team members own the intellectual property rights of the applied ideas?

The Hackathon aims to collaborate in a creative, open and transparent manner to solve major challenges. Therefore, we encourage teams to consider preserving copyright licenses if they are interested in preserving intellectual property or recognizing their work.

Q 17: Am I obligated to attend the online workshops?

You are not obligated, but it is preferred to attend the workshops to build a distinctive idea to raise your chances in the evaluation.

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