Hackathon Goals


For community participation in the humanitarian work provided by the Civil Defense in various fields.

Content support

Local equipment is one of the equipment used in civil defense works.

Find Solutions

existing challenges or innovative challenges.

Achieving Efficiency

In financial spending on applications and equipment used in the work of civil defense.

Hackathon Timeline


Registration - Time Remaining


Initial Sorting Date


Personal Interviews Dates


Date or announcement of the nominated projects

Participating Conditions

A prototype or simulation of what will be implemented must be submitted and ideas will not be accepted

The participant must be a Saudi national or a legal resident in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The idea should be in the aforementioned challenge areas

You can register as an individual or as a team of up to five people

Pass the personal interview (whether in person or remotely), which will be announced later

Evaluation Criteria


1 - Is the submitted participation considered new or quoted and applied at other parties?
2 - Has the technology been used well and appropriately, whether to create a new technology or improve an existing technology?


1 - Is there a clear added value to the proposed solution?
2 - Does the proposed solution solve the problem or contribute to its solution?


1 - Is the proposed solution applicable in real life and beneficial?
2- Is the initiative implementable in the current time and can be developed in the future?


Prizes total up to 500,000 Saudi riyals

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